Astonished by the Cu Chi Tunnels of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

We had a chance to stay in Saigon after our a-little-too-freezing-for-me trip in Da Nang; we took advantage of the one-night and half a day to explore Ho Chi Minh City. My friends had a good drinking session at night while I suffer from a painful dysmenorrhea (urrggghhh!). The next day, we made sure we don’t miss the Cu Chi Tunnels before heading to the airport.


Ho Chi Minh’s Cu Chi tunnels were built in the middle of a jungle during the US-Vietnam war-times by these courageous and clever Viet soldiers. The network of tunnels under a wide area of the city served as the Vietnamese soldiers’ shelter whereby the paths were built only for the Vietnamese to fit so that Americans won’t be able to attack the site by foot. The jungle where the tunnels were made are also surrounded by lots of deadly traps, of different kinds. . It’s like booby traps in Apocalypto movie, I can only imagine how painful like hell it is to mistakenly step into one. . brrr. . The tunnels also have small windows, yes windows, that looked like some ant hill holes from afar where the assassins are located. . So definitely, any tall blonde who gets suspicious of the site and comes close to the tunnel during the war is likely gonna get killed. This underground Viet shelter houses bedrooms, dining area, weapon rooms, hospital-like area and meeting rooms interconnected by these narrow tunnels. The Viets were said to plan their war strategy during day time and execute the attack and assassination during night time when the Americans are sleeping. I really admire the engineering and architecture idea of this strategic location. For me, this is Ho Chi Minh’s prime tourist destination so when you get the chance to visit Saigon, don’t miss to see Cu Chi Tunnel (before you buy some looking-real North Face imitations).

this is how narrow the “doors” of the tunnels were. . i doubt i can fit in. . haha. .
the assassins’ windows. . i guess they have already made it obvious for the tourists to notice. .


there’s a section in the site where the staff demonstrates how awful the trap moves once the prey has been caught. .
the weaponry room. .
endless crawling seriously made my thighs numb and hurt after a day. .
yup, of course it’s dark in the tunnel (the guide brings a flashlight so don’t worry). . but i don’t wanna turn the camera flash on, it’ll be too bright. . haha. .



Viet lady soldiers wear this. . Not the one in me, in her. . hehe. .




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