Prima Donnas’ Pulau Rawa, Malaysia Photo Diary

If you could remember my pretty friend I traveled with to Siem Reap, Cambodia, I have known Vennus to be someone who’s familiar with awesome 5-star hotels and resorts around Singapore. . So there we were again. . 🙂 We hit the nearest beach from Singapore one weekend when we got bored. Rawa Safaris Island Resort is a great place to relax, far from the bustling metro. With the pristine water of South China Sea and the sight of the fishes visible upon stepping foot on the island’s jetty, Pulau Rawa is indeed a place that’ll shake off all your stresses and worries away.


We went to the Pulau Rawa, located in Mersing, Malaysia, via a cab we rented from Singapore. Upon reaching the coast of Mersing, we then boarded a boat – which privately serves the island resort – and sailed to Pulau Rawa for about half an hour. We had a spacious room for 2 facing the sea and is located above the rocky shore. . The beach is actually rocky so imagine the beach during low tide. There’s nothing best to do there other than to read a book, lick the cherries on your vodka-mixed cocktail, and take lots of selfies. . haha. . I APOLOGIZE for being vain and loving ourselves too much. .  We were young that time. . We’ve changed now; instead of 100 photos per day, it has gone way down to 15 selfies. . haha, kidding. . But seriously, as you grow older, you’ll get tired of taking pictures of yourself. But not 15, maybe 20 snapshots. . hahaha. .

No night party at the resort, the island is awfully quiet with only the yellow lights from the resort’s restaurant. . The visitors during our stay were mostly foreign families, lots of blonde kids. . I guess the island is known for family outings. With the feel of the powdery fine white sand under my feet and all, I’d say our stay in Rawa Safaris was such a pleasant experience though it didn’t really knock me off my feet. . If I’ll be asked if I would want to come there again, I’d say I’ll go when it’s for free. . Hell yeah, this trip was quite pricey.



the balcony got wet by some short rain showers. . It didn’t spoil our afternoon though. .





the beach during low tide.

403746_10150495494862779_1601291475_n 403877_10150495496992779_1693468573_n






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