The Sun-kissed Tan I Dream to Get in Da Nang, Vietnam

FAILED. Yup, I went to Da Nang, Vietnam without checking the whether around October or November of 2013. Thinking that Da Nang, Vietnam is almost at the same level of Manila below the equator, I expected the same sunshine on that trip. I was wearing shorts and beach button up top plus my new pair of Havaianas and wonder why other passengers on the plane from Ho Chi Minh were wearing furry jackets and some knee high boots. So I took off my hoodie jacket out of my bag, just in case. . hehe. .


We reached Da Nang in late morning, the sun was high though it was cloudy, but as the cold wind blew into my cheeks upon exiting the plane on a no jet bridge airport, my arm hair (and all hair that could possibly grew outta me) stood up immediately. . Haha, upon stepping foot out of the plane I knew I’m not gonna be able to wear my swimsuit. I still got excited though thinking what Da Nang has to offer so I can soon plan my vacation there, on their summer! We got a room at the Holiday Beach Danang Hotel and Spa,  a very good one I would highly recommend (no wonder how such a good hotel became extremely affordable when we booked, haha! Off peak!!).

After dropping our luggage at the hotel room, we enjoyed the cool breeze outside and had a stroll just across the street. Our hotel is facing the beach though separated by a busy street. My friends were more than surprised by how beautiful the long beach stretch is and wonder why they have never heard of Da Nang when the beach is that lovely and the sand is comparable to Boracay, the water isn’t as clear as we wished though. The beach stretch is so long that one would need to take a ride before you reach the end from the other. It’s like Miami, with the view of not so high rise buildings across the street. Since we cannot enjoy the sea water, not even the pool beside the hotel and on the roof top, we just took pleasure on how beautiful the place is and imagined how Da Nang will look like during peak season. We also imagined how the place would really rock when music festivals like Zoukout or Ultra or Tomorrowland were held there, that would be beyond awesome!

the view of the beach from the hotel’s roof top. .





Across the hotel is a fancy seafood restaurant that I would really suggest you to try. . I just love all the food I ate there. We strolled and passed by other hotels, shops, restaurants and when we looked unto the direction of the beach, we were still mesmerized. . hehe. . The Vietnamese coffee is a must try too. . We loved it and bought kilos for our love ones back home.





We also had a chance to visit Hoi An, another city known for good quality fabrics and made-to-order garments like pants and dresses. They’ll take your measurements on day1, and you can already pick it up on day2. It’s sad that we didn’t have much time to stay in Da Nang so I was not able to prove how perfect their dresses would fit on me. But based on the displayed clothes on the mannequins, I must say they’re quite good. The items were not cheap though as they really brag how good the fabrics were but I guess if you have haggling powers, you can get it at a lower price.







Here are some of my shots of the Holiday Beach Danang Hotel and Spa in case you’re interested. The staff of the hotel were warm and friendly. . I really really wanna visit Da Nang again on a hot summer day. I wish I could fly back there soon. . And oh, I MUST not forget to mention, the party there? oh gawd, It was crazy!! We, just 3 pax, finished a tall bottle of vodka at the club recommended by the hotel crew. And as expected, we had, again, one of the worst head aches of our lives. . But no regrets, truly no regrets at all. . ❤ ❤ ❤









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