Sorry I Didn’t Kiss You – feat. Siargao, Philippines photo dump

“Music saves the soul. Play softly while you read.”

No, I’m not broken hearted. Saw a reel of this cheesy song’s cover while in Siargao and it was playing in my head over and over again. So why not write a poem about it? LOL

Sorry I didn’t kiss you but it’s obvious I wanted to.

Sorry that I couldn’t look at you and gaze back.

I was trying to avoid getting my heart melt with your piercing but dreamy brown eyes.

Sorry that I felt vulnerable by your touch

when you pulled me in your arms that night.

I was pretending it wasn’t my language of love

though in my head it was one of the best times.

Sorry I was a wuss not to tell you you mean so much;

then one moment you uttered you never wanted my love.

My world stopped like I was drunk and about to pass out.

I wish I were so I won’t remember how that single line shattered my heart.

Sorry that I had to pull away.

It hurts hearing you say repeatedly that romance isn’t your way.

I’ve wished to all the stars in the night sky for the tables to turn.

Seemed my cosmic dreams were not in my predicted days.

Sorry that I constantly stalked you in instagram,

and wondered how happy you are with the one who’s in your arms.

I was jealous that she can completely make your heart jump

up to the clouds while your lips and hers touch.

So all I am now is just a friend, like you’ve wanted me to be.

Not sure if I should regret the meaningless cuddles we spent nightly.

Your wavy black hair like Jesus urges me to kiss you passionately;

I pushed that thought off the cliff , I’ve accepted we are never meant to be.

Sorry that I moved on seven years later.

Now you confess and ask if we could be together.

I loved you but now I love me more, your love I cannot bear.

I loved you but now I love me more, your touch no longer got power.

Sorry that I couldn’t look at you and gaze back.

You said I should avoid getting your heart melt by my piercing but dreamy black eyes.

Sorry I didn’t kiss you, it was obvious you wanted me to.

Visit my Instagram page for more photos of recent trip to the Philippines. Siargao is a paradise, it will take me a while to get over it.

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