In a nutshell. . .

From Philippines / electronics engineer / amateur blogger / Photography skills (0 to 10) – level 0.5, I am learning! / beach chick / daydreamer / rice and pork lover / chocoholic / beers / cranberry vodka or lychee martini / frustrated musician / swimsuits / high cut sneakers and high heels / current dilemma: get my shit together vs I’m gonna do what the F* I want / beach music: ambient folk, reggae, EDM, house / Tattooed / wanderlust / emotional / ESFJ / singing in the shower / table tennis and badminton / a damsel in distress trying to find her true love / carpe diem / modern gypsy / timid and shy on first days / good laugh / gullible / pearls / mermaid / sun worshiper / insomniac / humble beginnings / the restless firefly

Bucket List. .

1. Pass the piano grade 1 ABRSM exam. 

2. Visit New York! Experience the “American dream” for a few weeks.

3. Travel to Europe.

4. Go backpacking in Latin America.

5. get a tattoo. Get a traditional tattoo from ethnic groups of northern Philippines.

6. Go sky diving.

7. Be a PADI Divemaster.

8. climb a volcano.

9. Eat sashimi. .

10. Kiss under the rain.

11. Bonfire with a tribe. .

12. Learn a new language. . . hmmm, Spanish? Hablo un poco de español. . 🙂

13. Swim with the stingless jelly fish. Palau or Surigao?

14. Watch a Haka, live. .

15. Get a PMP cert.

16. Sing to an audience.

17. Ride a hot air balloon. .

18. Do volunteer work for Mother Nature!

19. See the Northern/Southern Lights!!!!!!

20. Experience all 4 seasons. . Take photograph of autumn colors! Experience the snow!

21. Jump off a cliff.

22. Learn Yoga.

23. Ride a helicopter! Fly it if I can.

24. Have my own website. . 

25. Meet a fellow travel blogger in person, preferably more experienced, and learn from him/her.

26. Date a French. Fall in love again in my 30’s.

27. Migrate to a new continent.

28. Take a photo of the Milky Way.

29. Swim with sting rays and see sharks.

30. Save a life.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Denice, nice to meet you. Love your enthusiasm for life! One day we will visit the Philippines – it’s on our list.
    Thank you so much for following our blog. I hope you enjoy the stories of our journey, both inner and outer.
    Cheers, and happy travels

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