5 Things to Do in Moalboal, Cebu

A quiet but not-sleepy town in Cebu, Moalboal will always be one of the best spots in the Philippines for adventurous souls. During my corporate career break, I spent a week in Moalboal enjoying my solitude. Here is my top 5 things/spots I recommend everyone to do/visit while in Moalboal.

1. A day tour to the famous Kawasan Falls

Kawasan Falls has been one of the most photographed and most featured waterfalls in the Philippines, at least in every Instagram accounts I followed. Popular among tourists for the turquoise cold freshwater, heaps of people flock here for a quick dip and picnic. Some take a ride on a bamboo raft going past directly under the waterfalls enjoying the heavy pressure like a massage. More venturesome folks sign up for the canyoneering from a hilltop down to the waterfalls (which I did last 2015). The cliff jumping, sliding through the slippery rocks, muddy treks keep the adrenaline levels high throughout the journey. All the bruises and body aches that you will probably get during the canyoneering will certainly be all worth it after a cold dip in the waterfalls at the end.







2. Ride a Habal-habal and endure a 2-hour ride to Osmena Peak in Dalaguete, Cebu

From Moalboal, I hired a habal-habal (motorcycle) to Osmena Peak – the highest point in Cebu Province. The ride took almost 2 hours but that includes a little stop over at some points to have a fresh coconut juice or just simply find a minute to rest. At the entry point, a fee is asked from every tourist and a guide will take you to the peaks that is 15-minutes walk from the concierge. Pico Osmena has a number of sharp protruding conical crests on top of the mountain. Together with the stunning view of the ocean, neighbouring provinces, and Pescador Island, Osmena Peak is definitely an Instagram-worthy spot.








3. Enjoy the sand underneath your feet at Lambug Beach in Badian and Basdaku Beach

I love getting a darker tan so basking under the sun on the beach is always on my list when traveling to coasts. Lambug beach is not exactly in Moalboal, but you can hire a tricycle to get there, it’s not very far. Basdaku is a nice long beach but it may get a bit rocky when it’s low tide. I still like it there to relax.





4. Chill and Eat out at Panagsama Beach

Coz, duh? You need this. . 🙂 if your accommodation is just beside the beach, you don’t have to ride back to the main town to eat and drink. There are many small eateries and pubs in Panagsama Beach. The most popular place to hang out is Chili Bar. But there are a few more pubs offering cheap cocktails and sometimes, free drinks on ladies’ night.


5. SCUBA Dive or Snorkel – See the Sardines Run and Pescador Island

Well, I am a modern mermaid and I need salt water in my system. Moalboal is most popular for the all-year-round sardines run that you can see even if you’re just snorkelling. Sardines run in other countries are seasonal so many divers fly to Moalboal to experience this. Pescador Island is home for many huge sea turtles, colourful reef systems and little critters underwater. If you’re lucky, you may see a whale shark. There was one during my dive, but I missed it. urgh! See my dive video here, the second half of the video showcases Pescador Island and the sardines run near the coast.




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Where I stayed:

I booked a standard non-aircon room at The Blue Abyss which also has a dive shop so you could get great discounts if you want to stay and dive with them. For a P700 per room per night, I have a really nice and clean native room with fridge, safe box and own terrace with coffee table.

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