Chasing Sharks. . Nelson Bay Dive

A good way to end my 2017. . After all the tough challenges I faced the past year, I’m still lucky to be still doing things that I love. And to swim with these beauties is such an amazing experience I never would miss out in my life. Plus, I was able to meet new scuba diving enthusiasts who live in Sydney too. I look forward to diving with them soon! 🙂

Shout out to Let’s Go Adventures in Nelson Bay and to their oh so friendly and amazing dive instructors / Divemasters.

1st Dive Site: North Rock, Max Depth: 15m, Temperature 20C

2nd Dive Site: Looking Glass, Max Depth: 16m, Temperature 20C

Looking Glass is my favourite among the two, as it looks like a passage to a different dimension where sharks welcome you at the entry point. . 🙂

Hope this video will enlighten most, if not all, that sharks are not mindless killing machines. Grey nurse sharks have no record of any human fatalities. They are slow moving docile species and do not attack people. Unless of course if you’re an idiot provoking it, even a cute little dog will show aggressiveness when provoked!

5 thoughts on “Chasing Sharks. . Nelson Bay Dive

    1. Aww, i’m pretty sure you found something interesting on land that i didnt see. I was underwater most of my stay. Lol. . But yeah, if you happen to go back, i recommend you try diving with the sharks. . 😊

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