Catching Flights (Solo) Rather Than Feelings In 30s – Featuring Photos of Nusa Penida Trip

“Music saves the soul. Play softly while you read.”

Just as I thought I wouldn’t be writing again (I blame the pandemic and other things that made me procrastinate, haha), here I go.

Most women in their 30s probably have settled down and raising kids. . Some are still single, drinking vodka lime sodas every weekend and planning their next trip. If you’re the latter one, then, cheers! I know you feel me. . Here’s why solo female travelers prefer to catch flights rather than feelings.

1. because. . . . . . YOLO!

Travel while you’re young and able. We can always fall in love no matter how old we are. But I cannot picture myself in my 60s solo-travelling, trekking and scuba diving during day time, and binge drinking double shots of gin & tonic at night. Maybe I will because my mantra is “age is just a number”, but I may not see the next daylight. LOL! Moreover, there is absolutely nothing wrong with stolen kisses giving you butterflies in tummy, and 3 AM conversations with a new love interest after your 30s.

2. Travelling is a good diversion.

Whether you’re healing from a heartbreak or wanting to escape the endless stress from work or life in general, going to new places and being anonymous gives an inexplicable refresh to the soul. New experiences and amazing travel stories make us feel alive; reinvigorated and ready to face all the challenges back home like a queen.

3. Travelling solo turns ordinary women to badass b*tches

Travelling just by yourself makes you feel braver. More nonchalant. More spontaneous. More independent. More clever. Less clingy. Less needy. Need I say more? There is no room for timidness, nor crying because the coffee you ordered is not f*cking decaf. No time to be worried when you’re feeling lost. We solve travel problems by ourselves where we can. We don’t wait for a knight in shining armor to protect us (though could have been nicer if a hot guy appears and saves us, wink*). We learn how to handle huge annoyances and not make a big deal out of it. Most importantly, we learn how to enjoy a night out with strangers! Haha!

4. Repeat after me: Having FWB back home is more evil than one-night stand with a cute fellow traveler

Ok, I may have mixed feelings about this. But personally, why would you prefer to be in a friends-with-benefits situation if you’re not open to the idea of potentially progressing it? When you’re FWB with someone, you may let your guard down inevitably, show vulnerability unintentionally over time, and in the process, maybe (just maybe) develop deeper emotions of some sort. The advantage though is it’s more comfortable to sleep with someone you’re familiar with. When you travel and hook up, it would be meaningless, 100% no attachment. It ends there and then. The satisfaction won’t be the same as doing it with someone you truly have feelings for. But to encounter someone randomly who shares exact euphoria as yours of being in a foreign exotic island, diving and drinking with you, that’s a connection worth remembering too. Warning: there is unavoidable slight heart murmur when saying goodbye to someone you know you’ll never meet again though. Specially if he looks too damn good!

5. The more you travel, the more incredible memories you could share when you get old.

I know when I get old, I would still try to travel when I can. But I just think I would prefer to share wonderful solo-travel stories to younger ones and encourage them to let their adventurous hearts come out of cage than say I have not gone out enough that’s why I’m travelling at old age. I am yet to see more cities and dive many seas, so why stop my 30-something-me from going further?

But then again, after I wrote everything above, I’m contemplating, why not catch both flights and feelings? It would totally blow my mind if I can travel with someone who sweeps me off my feet. Afterall, I would love to wake up next to somebody on Sundays, just like the song. I’m confusing, I know. LOL!

Flew to Nusa Penida, Indonesia in April 2022 – my first adventure after international borders reopened – went to breathtaking cliffs, and dived with manta rays. Nusa Penida is absolutely stunning!

One thought on “Catching Flights (Solo) Rather Than Feelings In 30s – Featuring Photos of Nusa Penida Trip

  1. You are right, when we are still alone, there is no limit. I used to often go on vacation alone, now it’s different since I have a life partner and children too. need a big budget for a vacation like you.
    I’m Balinese, thank you for visiting Bali, especially Nusa Penida as a tourist destination after covid. I hope someone can come to Bali again

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