Wild and Free – Cebu Adventure with my Crazies

Denice, Aubrey and Bing, feat. Jhulz. . We changed the plans and hardly followed the itinerary. Upon reaching every destination, for a split second, we decided “extend!!!”. We chased the sun and burned our skins. . We drowned ourselves and gulped sea water. . We traveled from North to South and met people, some may have found love (ehem!). We danced with the ocean waves aboard a small boat. We drank until the night sky is filled with glittering stars staring at us. We drank until we have forgotten what the word sober means. We partied with the locals in a basketball court, and laughed on how the boom-boom-boom slowly transitioned to an old lambada song. We exchanged smiles with the French divers and imagined how amazing the world and life under the sea could be. We jumped meters-high cliffs and endured the muscle pain brought by canyoning. We fought the strong currents of rivers and waterfalls not realizing we were bruising ourselves. We smoked cigarettes until our lungs got inflated by excitement and infinite bliss. We left our hearts in every town we’ve been and, likewise, we kept a piece of the town in our memories that can never be erased. We are the single women in our late 20s who kept hopeless romantic souls wondering if we could ever find someone who’s sweeter than our solitude. We are brides married to spontaneity, adventure and amazement to life and to this wide wide world. This is how we spent our love month. This is who we are. . We chose to be wild and free. . . .

and yes, i panicked when i got closer to the whale shark at 2:32.

5 thoughts on “Wild and Free – Cebu Adventure with my Crazies

  1. When you’re in an adventure with you’re friends, consider and expect everything will be FUN. Uhm, have you tried wake boarding in Cebu?

      1. My friend told me, it’s in Cebu Wake Park. Inside the Papa Kit’s Marina and Fishing Lagoon in Liloan. I don’t know exactly where but we can ask around I guess. Do you like wakeboarding?

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