A Glimpse of Hong Kong – A Quick City Tour

On my first visit to Hong Kong, I only had 2 days to see the city in which 1 day was already spent in Disneyland. When i came back some time in 2013, I only had a day and a half and visited some of the places I have already seen the first time (I was like my friend’s tour guide since I’ve already been to HK once, haha.) so i didn’t really saw much. I really really wish that on my next visit, I’d have at least 4 days or a week to stay in HK and not go to the same places I’ve seen anymore. haha. .

Hongkong skyline.

I wanna see ocean park too. . haha, childlike!

On my first visit in 2011, excluding Disneyland, I was able to see the Avenue of Stars, Symphony of Lights, shopped at the night market and climbed Victoria Peak the next day and all via cabs. On my next HK trip in 2013, I was able to try buses, trams and trains in the city and saw Causeway Bay, Repulse Bay, and again Victoria Peak then rode Star Ferry across the harbor going to Avenue of the Stars (again).

Avenue of Stars is Hong Kong’s version of Hollywood Walk of Fame with, of course, hand-prints of Hong Kong’s Film professionals. This attraction is also known for the big Bruce Lee statue. 🙂

Hong Kong is also popular for the Symphony of lights where the buildings across the harbor flashes laser rays and play their own building lights in tune with music. That’s just beautiful. . 🙂 Something similar with Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, but when a lot of buildings participate, that makes it more awesome.

Victoria Peak is the highest place in the island. To go there, we took the tram which trail is sooooo steep. We reached the peak in around 20 mins. At the top, you’ll see some shops, restaurants and the viewing deck to get the bird’s eye view of the harbor. It literally gave me chills – cold wind + beautiful sight.


i told you it’s windy up there. . haha. .

20131014_175921For the love of beach, of course, I have to see Repulse Bay. . haha. . I didn’t swim though. After Repulse Bay, we took the bus going to Causeway Bay for some window shopping. haha. . We did say hello to our fellow Filipino’s in Causeway Bay, we saw a lot of Filipinos actually almost anywhere in Hong Kong. For a while, speaking in Tagalog to a stranger felt like home.

I think that’s the Ocean Park. Visible from Repulse Bay.

Hong Kong still has a lot in store for me. And it’s unfortunate that I don’t have the opportunity to stay longer. If really given a chance, I’ll explore more of the city. . I shall return. . 🙂

4 thoughts on “A Glimpse of Hong Kong – A Quick City Tour

  1. Glad you enjoyed your trip, wow it must have been so windy on the The Peak on the day that you visited! At least this will make it cooler!

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