Hong Kong Disneyland – Photo Journal with a Pinch of Pixie Dust

Indeed the happiest place on earth for kids aged 1 to 28. . 🙂 Went to Hong Kong Disneyland some time in 2011 with a few colleagues and friends. . The child in me will forever remember this place.

Julie and I: “welcome to HongKong Disneyland”. 🙂

My most favorite attractions were the Lion King show (world class performance, props, costumes and floats, bravo!), the parade of Disney characters and the Tinker Bell castle illumination. . There was no extreme ride for me though. . 😦 Thanks to my crazy friends for the pictures, I didn’t brought my camera with me that time. . 🙂

Superb performance!

looking for tinker bell. . i enjoyed this Pixie Hollow, all the flowers and mushrooms were gigantic. . felt like i was a fairy too!

I hope next time they’ll gonna have all Disney princesses. . And Maleficent too!!

YES to cotton candies!!
Sorry I’m not sorry. this is a mandatory shot in Disneyland. . haha. .

waiting for the Tinker Bell Castle Illumination.
Xie Xie!!!

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