When One Lies, The Group Goes to the Beach – Stilts, Calatagan, Batangas, Philippines

my highschool girlfriends, all five of us, seldom have this bonding moment  after graduation wherein all are present, worse when we were already working as we sometimes work on different shifts. so i decided to call them up; told them about this big announcement i can only tell at the beach on this particular day and only to those who will come.

as expected, all of them were curious and they were really expecting that i’m getting married soon. haha. .

since i initiated this big event thing, i did all the planning. i don’t have much time to plan and i know we have complicated work schedules so i should make the beach trip fast and near. since we don’t plan to stay in a resort overnight (some of my friends are nurses and need to work at night), we just headed to the nearest beach somewhere in Batangas. Stilts Beach Resort in Calatagan was one of the good options.

The road trip started at 5:30 am. The town of Calatagan in Batangas is more or less 3-hour drive from Laguna taking the Tagaytay road. On our way, they already knew that the announcement, whatever it is, was a big joke. They appreciated though how i make up all these things so that we could bum at the beach together, all 5 of us – complete. ❤ ❤ ❤


what i do like about Stilts?


white sand. the long stretch of the beach fronting the resort has very nice sand. you don’t need to go to famous beaches if the feel of the sand under your feet alone satisfies your hunger for bumming in the  beach.


the shades of trees. who wants to sun-bathe the whole day? there are a number of big trees at the resort just in front of the beach where you can peacefully read your favorite book, listen to some reggae music, or catch up with friends while you still see the beauty of the sun, sands and the sea.


the resort was quite far from the main road, and it’s not easy to find. it’s a plus for me because there are very few guests that time and feels like we own the whole resort. 🙂 we can do anything we want! haha. .


STILTS has a pool. . not all affordable beach resorts have swimming pools. 😛


my friends liked the garden. . they rolled over the grasses. . haha. . i mean, WE. . 🙂


some corners have this kind of signage. . inspiring food for thought. . 🙂

what we didn’t like with STILTS?


the water near the shoreline is this shallow. the water ~50meters from the shoreline is still as shallow as this. so imagine how the beach looks like during low tide; the shoreline will be very far away from the resort. haha. . and not to mention, we walked through scary moss grasses until we reach a far point from the shoreline expecting a little deeper water. we didn’t mind if there were sea snakes. . haha. . that’s why it’s good that they have swimming pool. . 🙂

even with this one thing that we didn’t like about the place, i still think that the resort is worth visiting and discovering. it’s really a nice place to relax and, um, catch up with friends. . till next time ladies. . i hope you still find my future announcements exciting and believable. . 🙂

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