At the End of the Rainbow is Lucban – Pahiyas Festival, Quezon, Philippines

one of the most awaited celebrations in the Philipines is the extravagant Pahiyas Festival in the town of Lucban, Quezon Province. the colorful thanksgiving is held every month of May in honor of the patron saint of the farmers, San Isidro Labrador.

During this festivity, the residents adorn their houses with colorful “kipings” a brightly-colored paper-like stuff made of rice paste (yes, you can actually eat the decorations. hehe. .) Aside from the kipings, the residents also make use of fresh fruits, vegetable and root crops in decorating their houses. creativity plays an important role of course. . 🙂 and to make the festivity more flamboyant, a competition is held for the best decorated house title.

hope you enjoy some of the flashy houses that we saw last 2011. thank you Hara Pasion and Jonald Basilio for coming with me and for the photos. 🙂




if i’ll take my mom here, she’ll surely request every house if she can take a few kilos of vegetables. these aren’t cheap nowadays!!! haha. .






when you get the chance to visit Lucban, Quezon, don’t miss to taste their famous pancit habhab. . you can also buy Quezon’s Longanisa for those you left at home. 🙂


the parade of adorned carts pulled by carabaos and floats is also a must see. don’t forget to bring hats or umbrellas and apply sunblock. May is the hottest month in Philippines. you don’t wanna get sunburned, do you?

Pahiyas Festival is one joyous event i’ll surely never forget. i recommend you to come and see it for yourself next year. 🙂

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