First-time Surfers @ La Union, Philippines

Iñaki: let’s go out of town.
Nice: ok, where do you wanna go, i’ll try to plan. (i can’t plan, i don’t have the luxury of time to plan!)
Iñaki: anywhere, i’ll handle all the expenses. call the HS rehab gang.
Nice: woah, ok, i’ll plan. .
Nurse Ira (to nice): you free this weekend? i wanna go out of town.
Nice: right timing, come join us, we’re going out of town with highschool friends but i still haven’t planned yet. don’t know where to go.
Nurse Ira: ok, i’ll plan. let’s go surf in La Union.

Nice: waaah, you’re my savior. . thank you, thank you. hehe. .

and that was the conversation last June of 2010 that lead us to this unexpected trip. don’t think that anyone of us knows how to surf, some can’t even hardly swim. haha. . we just wanted to have some unusual bonding experience away from the metro. start the road trip!

after approximately 6 hours travel from Laguna, we reached Sebay Surf Resort La Union. the lobby crew said it was not a really good time to surf as the waves are quite low. we said, “you kiddin’ me? that’s actually perfect”. . haha!

surfing tutorial + 1 hour use of surfing board with an instructor cost us P400. not bad, right? since we were not prepared for this surfing trip, we don’t have any surfing suit, it’s good that you can actually rent surfing tops at the resort. just be advised that these are already used and they just wash it for the next guests. this option is not for sensitives! go bring your own then. .



after some 10-minute discussion, we’re ready. . so let’s get it on!



surfing is way too difficult than what i expected. or maybe i am just being exaggerated, you can’t blame me, i can’t even hardly perfect a single continuous surf until the shoreline for an hour. haha. . maybe i just don’t have this sense of balancing thing. hehe. . and yeah, surfing is really a tiring activity and we all expect body pain the next day.

after surfing, we just stayed at the beach the whole afternoon, and had some bottles of beer as we watch the sunset together. the place is so beautiful. i love the very fine gray sands.



the bonding didn’t stopped there. after dinner, we set up a bon fire and played some charades. non-stop story telling, recalling funny highschool scenes, corny jokes we certainly enjoyed, i am just so thankful the gang went for a short vacation. . they are my best stress relievers! haha. .



and then we got drunk. . hik! haha. .

after all the pain killers and salonpas i’ve applied to my back and thighs, i still think that this trip was awesome. we really enjoyed falling into the water because we really cannot balance on the surf board. and i thank the whole crew for making this unusual experience fun and memorable. thanks to boss Iñaki, ’till next time. . haha. .


oops, he’s not yao ming. . he’s our boss. . haha. .


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