a-la-maria-clara @ Vigan, Ilocos Sur, Philippines

Vigan is one interesting place in the North. it makes me feel i live in a Philippine history book. .

haha. . we stayed in an old looking hotel – Grandpa’s Inn. everything seems like old – cool stuff from Jose Rizal’s era. . hehe. . so, um (what’s the right word?), hispanic! it’s good that we still have unspoiled traces showing off how establishments during Spanish regime in Philippines look like. .

we took a Kalesa to roam around, (turista e!!) and manong kuchero (he’s super friendly) volunteered to be our tour guide telling every story he knows on every spot. .

our journey started with visiting the Burnayan. Burnayan = pottery making.


i wanted the biggest one. . 😛


The old bell tower is said to be the Ilocanos guardian. Bantayan Bell Tower. ok, i get it. . hehe. . Bantayan is a different town but it’s near Vigan.


we should implement caning for vandalism!!!! BS!


look, a piano!! ❤ houses of some known personalities in the past (i forgot the names though) were opened as museums. old school! wooden fridge, old kitchen stuff, old piano, old dresser, beds, etc etc. .



i love Chavit’s Baluarte. you can play with the birds, touch the snakes (although i actually didn’t volunteer to carry it, haha), hold orangs’ hands, feed the ostrich and camels with fruits you can get from trees around, meet the tigers. . for FREE. . good job sir. . 🙂

Calle crisologo – the most famous street in Vigan. . the ancestral houses along this street were actually a reconstruction of the original structures faithfully following the old architecture. . so as not to spoil the place’s ambience, fast food chains and other infrastructures were built following the hispanic architecture. . i really love it. . ❤


the tour won’t be complete without tasting some of the Ilocano dishes. . my favorite is this ilocano empanada bought just in the streets of the plaza. . the longanisa is also a must try for breakfast, with fried rice and hot chocolate (now i’m hungry) then have a dinengdeng and dinakdakan for lunch. . winner! 🙂


lastly, shopping!! yey!! there are a lot to buy in Vigan – from religious artifacts to woven bags and stuff, antiquated figurines or furnitures, flavored cornicks, I LOVE VIGAN shirts, keychains etc. . i forgot to buy ref magnet. . 😦

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