1day Beach Hopping – Quezon Philippines

the very reason of this unplanned beach trip last summer of 2010 is to spend quality t-i-m-e with him before his year long cruise in Europe (but dont expect you’ll see a photo of him here, haha!). We only had one weekend left that time so we target to hit the nearest non-commercialized beach from Laguna. checking out some forums, the Borawan island fascinated me in an instant.

there are actually very few accommodations in Padre Burgos, Quezon (the town nearest to Borawan Island). One of the top during my hour long research is Villa Anita Butterfly Garden and Resort. we rented an old school nipa hut for a very reasonable price. :))  the resort is actually not fronting the beach, we still need to take a bus, (wooden!) for about 15 minutes. yeah, i was wearing 2piece swim suit inside a sarong and i took the bus, hihi.

our first stop was not Borawan, we’re saving the best for last. . 🙂 we spend an hour in a boat admiring the beauty of small islands and rock formations on our way to the first beach.


just some random rock formations on our way to Puting Buhangin Beach. the locals said that during low tide, we can see a flat surface and we can stand there by and take a picture for a few minutes.

Our first stop: Puting Buhangin (White Sand Beach). you will know you are reaching Puting Buhangin Beach when you see the Pagbilao power plant.



Imagevery few tourists! feels like we own the beach. . haaaay, serenity!! ❤


at the end of the short beach stretch is the Kwebang Lampas.


since im not a good swimmer, i took the risk walking through the big sharp rocks which hinder the way to the cave. and yeah, i got wounded! haha. .


sorry i dont have a good photo of what’s inside the cave. but above is the view of the Puting Buhangin Beach from the cave.

we also got to see Dampalitan beach but we decided not to stay there for long since we were so excited to see Borawan Island. . according to the locals, the island’s name was taken from combining (1) Boracay due to it’s white sand beach, and (2) Palawan because of its amazing rock formations. i definitely agree on that. however, the sands have small pebbles that are a little ouchy when you walk barefoot.



there’s no resort at Borawan island. you can only camp. but dont worry, you can enjoy the scenery even for just half a day. the beach stretch is quite short but the place is really amazing. the verdict? the place is so awesome, i wanna come back. . 🙂

2 thoughts on “1day Beach Hopping – Quezon Philippines

  1. Hi I would just like to know how were you able to contact Villa Anita? Been trying to call them all day and there seems to be technical failure.

    1. Hi Abigail, I was just able to contact them thru the phone numbers in the internet when i booked a room there a long time ago. Are these the numbers you contacted? Tel: (042) 716 0326 and Mobile: 0921 524 0110. If both are not working now, i’m not sure how am I able to help you at this point. 😦

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