Scuba Diving: World War II Shipwrecks in Coron, Palawan, Philippines

I was a total advanced open water newbie when I flew to Coron, Palawan in early 2016. My buoyancy was still a work in progress that time so please bear with the dizzying shots (I’m still a newbie now though! 🙂 ). Clips were taken with Gopro Hero3, with no vid light, only red filter.  Coron is a paradise above and below sea level.

Dive Centre: Rocksteady Dive Centre (A big shout out to Dive Instructors Martin Huber and Wizard! Thanks!)

00:19 to 00:45 – damn, I love these swim throughs. the wreck is my playground!

00:52 to 00:57 – the first time I saw this kind of jelly fish. Is it the lion’s mane jellyfish? There are lots of them in Coronavirus waters.

01:11 to 01:30 – trapped air inside one of the shipwrecks. That is so cool!

02:14 to 02:18 – oh, you know, just a tornado of baby barracudas. So normal in these wrecks.

02:25 – start of Barracuda Lake dive.

02:30 to 02:35 – the thermocline. swim a bit up and you’re freezing. swim a bit down and you’re somewhat boiling! amazing!

02:47 to 02:56 – these tiny fish that respond to sound. Tap a rock with your tank banger and they will certainly come and stare at the source of the sound.

My mini movie can’t even give justice to how beautiful the dive sites are in Coron. And not just the diving, the islands, the pristine beaches, Coronavirus, Palawan is heaven on earth.

Music: Capsize by Frenship

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