Tokyo Autumn Trip in a Nutshell (Photo Essay), Japan

Tokyo was my last leg of Japan trip last November 2015. I must say that it is the liveliest city I have visited in this East Asian country. With the energetic nightlife, hustling and bustling streets with busy professionals walking to and from work, delectable cuisines, I can compare the city to Singapore and Hong Kong but, to me, more affectionate and hospitable despite the lost-in-translation and do-you-speak-english? struggles. The locals of Japan are really nice and approachable. Well, this is true across all states in Japan; the people I met there are really warm. I wouldn’t doubt if the world looks at the Japanese locals as the most morally-upright people, I see the same way considering I have always felt safe while journeying the country. And the food, oh dang the food, I just love eating in this country. Here are a few (very few) of the things I did in Tokyo during my 3-day stay. I might have not said it enough but arigatou gozaimasu, Japan.

1. Enjoyed the beauty of nature and the red and orange colors of autumn at Shinjuku Gyoen Park.


2. Amazed myself with the lovely series of Gingko trees at Icho Namiki (Gingko Avenue)


3. Admired the exteriors and interiors of the Tokyo Station (and other stations actually) plus the Shinkansen ride.


4. Roamed around downtown Roppongi, because why not?


5. Strengthened my thighs at the vast Tokyo Imperial Palace


6. Traversed and photographed Ueno Park


7. Went artsy at the Tokyo National Museum and made myself want to fly to Xi’an after seeing the replicas of the Terracotta Army in their special exhibition.


8. Experienced early Christmas at Tokyo Tower and watched the glistening city lights of Tokyo in bird’s eye view.


9. Drooled at the great deals on cameras and lens at Yodobashi, Shinjuku (and bought a prime lens actually) – electronics haven.



10. Met the statue of the greatest tear jerker I’ve known, Hachiko, and crossed the world’s famous and busiest intersection – Shibuya Crossing (photos taken using my friend’s phone coz we went out drinking that night so I preferred not brining my heavy SLR). ❤


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