4 Attractions You Would Love to Photograph in Chinatown, Singapore

“Music saves the soul.” Play softly while you read.

Chinatown, located in the Outram District, is one of the most visited spots in Singapore. From shopping, to stuffing yourself with delicious local food, to temples and chic shophouse architectures, I think Chinatown is one of the trendiest neighbourhood in the country. A day of walking around the Chinese-element focused locale may not be enough if you plan to take a stroll on all the popular streets. I did a photowalk one late afternoon late last year and here are my most favourite and recommended spots near the Chinatown MRT Station (I only had time to walk around the train station).

1. Shophouses and bazaar

There are just so much things to buy in Chinatown shop streets. From Chinese lanterns, souvenirs, traditional medicines, the very tasty bak-kwa, and my most favourite are the hippie/gypsy outfits which all flower child will drool over (yes, they may not be Chinese culture inspired, but I really love ’em. :)).  The boutiques are built with Peranakan architecture; I’ve learnt that the neighbourhood was established by a Peranakan millionaire in 1892 turning the area from a district of clubs, brothels and shophouses, to a grandeur tourist attraction.










2. Chinatown Food Street

Eat, drink, repeat. . The street is livelier at night. With Singapore local food and a fusion of other South East Asian nation cuisines, you would like to stay here every night and try them all. With beer of course! Try Char kway teow, Satays, the classic chicken rice meal to really experience Singapore nouvelle cuisine.





3. Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum

As the name of the attraction implies, this temple houses the tooth relic of the historical Buddha which was said to have originated in Myanmar. The complex was built only in 2007 and followed the Tang-style architectural design. Tourists and worship goers can visit this spot from 9AM to 6PM and the centrepiece is located at the 4th level of the building.









4. Sri Mariamman Temple

Sri Mariamman Temple is one of the oldest Hindu temple ever built in Singapore. The gopuram or the gate tower full of figures of Hindu gods, goddesses and mythological beasts is the most photographed part of this house of worship. Goddess Mariamman is believed to cure illnesses and diseases. . I wonder if she’s able to cure my broken heart. Lol!




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