Meet the Turtles – Chinese Garden, Singapore

Chinese Garden, also known as the Jurong Garden located at the west area of Singapore, is just one of the many places tourists can go for free. It is a serene oasis amidst sky high buildings of the vast urban jungle of this little but rich South East Asian country. Via the convenient public transport, you can take the Green (East-West) MRT line and alight at Chinese Garden station where the park is just a few steps away.

The only typical Chinese traditional park in South East Asia, Chinese Garden houses the popular 7-storey Pagoda, the Twin Pagodas which are lovely to be photographed during sunset (as what I saw during my google searches of the park), Confucius statue, Bonsai Garden and a lot more. The pavilions and the arches are lovely for photography (for an amateur like me :)) but I must say that I enjoyed taking photos more at the Live Turtle and Tortoise Museum where you can go meet and greet these slow moving reptiles of different family for an admission fee of SGD 5 for adults and SGD 3 for children.

Japanese Garden is located beside the Chinese garden but I was too tired to roam around this next park so I decided to skip it. If you have the chance to visit, let me know which one is lovelier. . 🙂

Image from . The rest of the photos below are taken by yours truly. 🙂

Chinese Garden  - 1

Chinese Garden  - 4

Chinese Garden  - 29
The seven storey pagoda. . I was too lazy to climb up to the top. . hehe. .

Chinese Garden  - 28

Chinese Garden  - 20

Chinese Garden  - 21

Chinese Garden  - 24
the Twin Pagodas. . Unfortunately, there were on-going renovations  during my visit last year. .

Chinese Garden  - 10

Chinese Garden  - 11
weeh. . you can feed them 

Chinese Garden  - 12

Chinese Garden  - 14
If they’re doing what I think they’re doing, then I must be lucky to witness this rare moment. . Hehe. .

Chinese Garden  - 15

Chinese Garden  - 16

Chinese Garden  - 17
The museum houses a lot of turtle figurines and jewelries too. .

Chinese Garden  - 18

Chinese Garden  - 25

Chinese Garden  - 26

Chinese Garden  - 27

Chinese Garden  - 30

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