Hakone, Japan Day 2 with Haste

“Music saves the soul.” Play softly while you read.

I know, I should have allotted more days in Hakone because I wanted to see more. The very reason of my visit to Hakone was actually to see the Mount Fuji whilst in a lake cruise (but I haven’t because of the stubborn clouds) and at the Owakudani valley (which, unfortunately, was closed during my visit due to active volcanic activities) and to try the famous onsen bath (in a tub because of my tattoo) that’s why I decided to stay in Hakone for just one night. After my hot spring bath at night, I have been googling tourist attractions in Hakone so I can make it up to my crying wanderlust soul for not seeing the Mount Fuji. There were actually a lot of interesting places to roam, it’s just I only have half of the day the next morning. I have maximised it by walking too fast than normal but took my  time to take pictures at each stop.

Pampas Grass Field. a few stops from Mount View Hakone is a notable vast field of tall pampas grass. The field is like an immense fluffy and furry carpet laid down over the lumpy land. The weather was still cloudy and gloomy but the pampas grass field colors were still amazing. I imagined the glow of the golden grass with contrast of lush green leaves under a bright sunny clear sky. I walked through the pathway, reached the peak and wow’ed myself with the picturesque landscape. This is definitely something not to be missed when visiting Hakone in early autumn.






I walked around and looked for the Botanic gardens of Wetlands. It was a long walk from the Pampas grass field but I was not really amazed of the place upon reaching there as the foliage were mostly withered, all set for the winter. It could be at its best during spring or summer season though. I took pictures but it’s not as inviting as expected so I’m not posting it here. . 🙂

Le Petit Prince. The museum of The Little Prince is just 1 or 2 bus stops away from Mount View Hotel. I haven’t really read the famous French children’s book before my visit but the museum has got me curious about it that when I learnt that The Little Prince movie adaptation has become available in free movie streaming sites, I immediately opened my laptop to see it. What I really like about the story is how the French author, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, used symbolism to relate the children’s story to his life. The twist the movie had to somehow diverge from the actual children’s book is also good. This must-see adaptation is full of life’s lessons for children and adults alike.









The Venetian Glass Museum. Hakone Garasunomori Museum houses over a hundred interesting glassware and a wide collection of old perfume bottles of royalties. The museum has a restaurant too, shops, craft studio and a photogenic garden with glass trees (called flash trees) and bushes that glitter when sunshine strikes on them. There is a glass jewelry section too that really made the eyes of the lady in me twinkle as if I was staring at expensive diamond and precious stone rings.












I wished I had enough time to see other popular museums, but I had to leave to start my Kyoto adventures. I left Hakone at noon and looked back at the photos I took. I sincerely had a great time in solitude there. . ‘Til I see you again, Hakone.


8 thoughts on “Hakone, Japan Day 2 with Haste

      1. Haha. . I’ve heard of the shibu onsen where wild monkeys bathe. . But not sure if monkeys go to other onsens. . I think bathing naked with monkeys can be an interesting experience. . Haha. .

  1. is it hard to reach the Pampas Grass Fields? can we just walk to the fields from the nearest train station? I’m about to visit hakone but i’m affraid theres gonna be hard times finding transportation to the tourist spot.

    1. Hello samuel. . It’s not difficult to find the Pampass grass fields as it is just along the road going to Togendai station (if you’re going for the lake cruise too). . I believe the nearest train station is still 1 or 2 hrs bus ride away from pampass grass fields. . Within hakone, you can see the tourist spots via bus. It’s not too difficult to roam around. 😊

  2. What time of year did you go to the grass fields? I’ll be in Hakone on the first of december but not sure if the grass will be worth it that late in the year.

    1. Hi sophie, i went there around first week of november i think. Yeah, they are not at their best during winter i believe. They were turning brown when i visited but the landscape photos still look stunning. .

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