Pandas! Yey! River Safari, Singapore

Right after kissing Bing on her cheeks showing how glad I am to see her in Singapore, I immediately asked her if she liked to see a panda. Her eyes glimmered with excitement and I knew from that moment that the tour guide in me was already in charge. I decided to bring her to River Safari – Asia’s first and only river themed wildlife park.

There are many routes to choose from going to the river themed park, all will point to alighting somewhere in the red line MRT then taking a bus. Since the attraction is far from the city where I met Bing, we took the easiest way to go to western Singapore if you don’t have the luxury of time – we waylaid a cab. River Safari is just beside the Singapore Zoo so if you wanna do a full-day animal seeing marathon, then you can go to both attractions during daytime plus the Jurong Bird Park then go see the Singapore Night Safari after dinner.

River Safari - 2

River Safari - 1


The ticket for the River Safari which I liked more among all the zoos in SG costs SGD28 plus if you wanna experience the River Safari Cruise boat ride and Amazon River mini-roller coaster on the waters, you can pay an extra SGD5 for each. The major attractions for me are the scary Indian Gharials – gigantic crocodiles of the Ganges River, the cute firefox and pandas from Yangtze River, the jaguar in the Amazon River ride and the piranhas of the Wild Amazonia section. . I guess these are my favourite attractions too.


River Safari - 7

River Safari - 8

River Safari - 9


River Safari - 14


River Safari - 13

River Safari - 17


River Safari - 19
Kai Kai is the more showy one among the 2 pandas of River Safari.

River Safari - 20

River Safari - 21
Jia Jia is the shy one and loves the comfort of her home instead of wandering around.

From the Panda Courtyard before crossing the bridge going to the Boat Plaza of the Wild Amazonia area, you can take a break and munch on delicious Chinese cuisine in fast food style. Kids from 1 to 50 will certainly love this panda pau with chocolate or red bean filling. So cute that we don’t wanna eat it!


River Safari - 23

River Safari - 28

River Safari - 24

River Safari - 30

River Safari - 26 River Safari - 31

River Safari - 33

River Safari - 37

River Safari - 39

It’s sad that we didn’t have the chance to see the feeding of the piranhas. We came to this section immediately right after these ferocious fishes munched on a meat for a few seconds.

River Safari - 40


River Safari - 41

Before going home, you may want to drop by their shop and be amused of the cutie stuffed animals with puffy eyes. Bing was a 5-year old again at this spot. I was happy that she had fun on the first attraction we’ve been despite the tiresome walking amidst a lush but humid greenery.




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