Sapporo Bird’s-Eye View at Mount Moiwa, Hokkaido, Japan

From Hokkaido shrine I took the local city tram in Sapporo for the first time. I just followed where google map suggested me to go but I didn’t realized I needed to hop on the free shuttle bus to Mount Moiwa a few blocks from the tram station where I alighted. I waylaid another old man and asked for directions how to go to Mount Moiwa. We did not clearly understand each other but he tried his best to help me. We walked back and forth from the station where he bumped unto me. The sky is turning to bright orange, a sign that sunset is just a few hours away, I was at the brink of almost saying Harigatou Gozaimasou to the nice old man and just go back to my accommodation because I didn’t intend to wander far from the downtown Sapporo when the night comes. I was so sorry that I took the man’s time, in my head he might have been on his way back home to his family from work but a stupid tourist asked his help and didn’t wanna let him go until she finds her exact way to Mount Moiwa. Hehe. . After almost an hour, we found the shuttle bus station and we laughed loudly together, somehow celebrated the triumph that we finally convinced ourselves that we’re still good in directions. I endlessly thanked and bowed to the very kind man and smiled while waiving my hand as we parted ways. He even let me go inside the bus first before he walked away. Japanese people are really nice and warm, they make me feel welcome to this foreign land.

From the mountain foot where the free shuttle bus brought me, I needed to ride the ropeway for a price of JPY1700 roundtrip. At the top are (1) the “Bell of Happiness” where one can say a prayer and ring the bell for the wish to come true, (2) a restaurant with costly food (3) a 3D presentation (which by the way I tried though the narration is in English and no subtitle just because I wanna see stars and universe in a 3D show, hehe!), (4) an art gallery, and (5) a spectacular 360-degrees view of the city of Sapporo 531 meters above the ground. Here are a few photos I took.

mountmoiwa- - 2 (1)

mountmoiwa- - 59 mountmoiwa- - 37 mountmoiwa- - 39 mountmoiwa- - 42 mountmoiwa- - 43 mountmoiwa- - 48 mountmoiwa- - 52 mountmoiwa- - 54 mountmoiwa- - 55 mountmoiwa- - 56 mountmoiwa- - 57

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