Cheers To Never Growing Old! Pico De Loro Cove Photo Diary

“Music saves the soul.” Play softly while you read. 🙂

I just love these guys!


I can’t remember if I have ever written any getaway that featured this group of sultry and clamorous ECE students in Lyceum Institute of Technology (presently Lyceum Of The Philippines University – Laguna). Actually, I can’t really remember if we have had any vacation together. We’ve been friends for a little more than 10 years and we only bonded over lunches and dinners and alcoholic sessions. I guess with the 2 of the lovely ladies rearing up kids, out of town adventures like Caramoan island hopping, or Sagada exploration may be a bit challenging. A child-friendly staycation is a good idea though, at least I can still see the beach and be with these gorgeous humans plus the mini offsprings. We tried Pico De Loro Cove. The verdict? I still find the place fabulous, it’s extravagantly beautiful. The overnight rent was pricey as expected for a small unit. The beach does not have the wow-factor as compared to some beaches in the Philippines you can enjoy for free, but it was beautiful. And I had fun. So much fun. An epic night. . I guess it’s not the place, it’s the people I wish I grow old with. Or if I may say, I wish we never grow old, and just be mischievous for a very long time. Having a good time longer than we’re supposed to be, until we get tired of the teenage merrymaking.. See you soon my lovies. . Cheers! 🙂

A few of the personal photos I grabbed from Apple and Jonald. This is a late post, staycation happened a year ago.10325566_10152475719569334_3820081936366461741_n_Fotor 10394568_10152475718759334_7903767172324951058_n_Fotor 10464314_10152475688419334_1233362590156748354_n_Fotor image-02a10fbd526f74ec833d56963217e54122f2d78eca2b492904ad7a9ed7ff134d-V_Fotor image-5eaba975e0b8e4934d0772d466c6dcf5b38069cbc0ac59a133845dea3fcd1375-V_Fotor image-7f09eac0436f334b561a8f047d1c863c8992364865d4942c6ade27bdd74411b5-V_Fotor image-1020d8cf661d071c33b70eaf8a8a71922b98bdae7c6684b0503573185eb58dcc-V_Fotor image-5407f93f79365c2a8520e7199704bb18167feb04495cce93cf9c072d21f0c625-V_Fotor image-c199776ce581a52473b4b43d361358be5a6a616521fa564ccd705d3f7d1568b9-V_Fotor



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