Summer Lovin’ Part2 – Hundred Islands, Alaminos, Pangasinan, Philippines

Since we already visited Patar Beach in Bolinao, Pangasinan, we don’t wanna miss the chance to see the famous Hundred Islands National Park in Alaminos, Pangasinan. The park, with 124 islands bragging its white sand beaches, blue clear waters, amazing rock formations and mushroom-like shaped islets, is so awesome;

it really took my breath away. I will always treasure the amazing picturesque of the place. Thank goodness i have someone with nice camera with me. . Hehe. .

Although there are over a hundred of islands, only three of them are fully developed for tourists to visit namely the Governor Island, Quezon Island, and Children’s Island. i forgot how much we rented a boat to bring us to the 3 islands but it should be more or less Php2000 including the rent of snorkeling stuff.

i already forgot which island we visited first. so i guess you’ll just have to go see the park for yourself and remind me which island the pictures below belong to. haha. .

on one island, you’ll have to climb some not-so-near-to-hundred steps and, tadah! you’ll surely be stunned!!
tadah! this is what awaits you at the top. . urm, except for the model of course. . please disregard. . hahaha. . beautiful isn’t she, i mean, it? haha. .
it’s no surprise that the islands have short stretched white sand beaches. . i so love the fine white sands. . feels like love at first sight. . haha. .
finding tranquility. . ❤
want to achieve that sun kissed sun burn? stay at the beach in between the 2 islands. . hehe. . 🙂
amazing scenery on our way to the Marcos Island. .
Marcos Island, i must say, is my favorite as it has this bat cave. . the ceiling is so high with sleeping bats, and the floor? sea water! tourists take the opportunity to take a plunge and jump off from the cliff of the cave. .
during our trip, we saw this group of Koreans enjoying their jump. . they were too enthusiastic about the jump. . me? i was like calling all the saints that i know before the jump. . grrr. . i let him go first so he can pull me up in case i got drowned. . i’m wearing a life vest by the way. . hahaha. . ready?
i did it, yey!!! hahaha. . i dont recommend this to those who are only wearing their bikinis, you must already know what happened. . haha. . good thing i have the life vest. . hahaha. .
sorry for bragging this. . but the park really has fine white sand. . this shot is taken at the beach of Marcos Island. . awesome!! beautiful!! 😀
and oh, did i mention about the pearl farm? yes, the locals do keep a pearl farm there. . and these giant pearl-producing clams are so heavy!! i wonder how big the pearls these giant clams can make. .
sight seeing on our way back to the main land. . this islet looks like a mushroom at low tide.
i hate to leave the place but i was not prepared for an overnight stay there. . 😦

overall? i am speechless. . no word can describe how the Hundred Islands National Park blew me away. . i am a proud Filipina bragging all these beauty of nature that not all countries have been blessed with. . i encourage everyone to visit Philippines. . 🙂

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