Underwater Halloween 2015 – Pulau Tioman, Malaysia

My newest kind of horror = sandy bottom + very poor visibility + creepy wrecks with sea urchins + foggy mask (yes, clearing a mask is the basic skill I am really scared of). I am imagining the horror of diving at night. I hope no Japanese or Thai ghost movie will ever be made with wreck diving plot, I might get really scared on my next dive. . hehe. . Nevertheless, I am still hooked on this. .

My mom’s newest kind of horror = seeing a clip of her daughter’s scuba dive. Haha. .

Halloween well spent at Pulau Tioman, Malaysia with The Dive Co crew and divers. Sorry for the shitty footage of this ~2minute sneak peek, I’m still working on my underwater panic attacks. . 🙂 Now I can’t wait to dive in the Philippine seas and explore my country’s marine life. . ❤

Location: Marine Park, Tioman, Malaysia – Right in front of the Tioman Marine Park lie more than 10 small shipwrecks. All of them were fishing boats which were confiscated for illegal fishing and then cleaned and sunk around the island. Each wreck is attached to the next with a line so finding your way here is not a problem. Visibility is usually rather low and also the fish life is not that fantastic. Still a nice little dive to finish the afternoon. (source: divetioman.com)

Depth: 19.4 meters

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