Friendship: An Important Relationship When All Else Fails (featuring Gardens by the Bay, Singapore)

“Music saves the soul.” Play softly while you read.

Bing and I have known each other since we were 7 years old. We studied and grew up unto beautiful swans in the same alma mater in Laguna, Philippines from Preparatory up until 4th year highschool. Our younger sisters are friends with each other too. We parted ways when we went to college, somehow lost touch for a while, but after graduation our friendship just got stronger. We’ve been thru thick and thins. Every time I fly back to Philippines, I make sure I allot some time to meet them – including Aubrey, 1/3 of our trio. And when Bing had the chance to visit Singapore, she was obliged to meet me too, haha. . Actually, she took advantage of her friends going to Universal Studios when she met me one weekend of early September 2015. I guess theme parks aren’t as fun as when she’s with me, *wink*! And I’ve brought her to all the places I loved in this small country for a day.

Gardens by the Bay - - 2

Bing and I were the total opposites but very similar in most ways. I pig out a lot and can shamelessly finish 2.5 cups of rice during my teenage years while she eats like a bird and slowly savours her matchbox sized food. However, we both don’t mind getting fat together as long as the food is good. . She’s timid and very feminine even at her late 20s, while I have become too clamorous and annoyingly loud. Nevertheless, one’s laugh infects each other and I must say Bing’s chuckles are pretty viral. We were young when we were both engaged in beauty pageants – she was the charming and captivating one on stage (I must vaunt that she consistently bags home the Miss Photogenic award) while I was the thick-faced candidate who loves the limelight. Of course we never compete with each other, we have always been on the same team and represented our town and school alternately.

Gardens by the Bay - - 7

Gardens by the Bay - - 27

She has fear of heights and the adrenaline rush brought by roller coaster rides makes her little faint-hearted soul bawl while I was the stupid one defining YOLO in the most foolish statements. Still, I made her jump off a 15-metre cliff where she managed to dive gracefully while I bruised myself heavily for landing the salt water terribly. She also got her ass in the Space Shuttle and Anchor’s Away rides at Enchanted Kingdom theme park but God knows how long I have tried to convince her to give in (plus the funny laugh-cry-scared-laugh-cry faces she had).

Gardens by the Bay - - 59

We both love the beach and the moments when we are just staring at the infinite sea all day with music playing softly in the background. We fancy rolling over the fine sands and embracing the waves as it kisses the shore. Our eyes both giggle while peering at men at the beach too. The blonde muscular men with obvious sunburnt skin has always been Bing’s type. While I have a thing on dark haired men with beguiling eyes and smile. In a boat ride, when she gets scared of the treacherous waves, she quiets. When I get scared of the waves, I scream all the f*cking curses in the world and laugh without instilling the thought we may die there and then. The ocean has transformed us unto something that only the two of us could ever understand.

Gardens by the Bay - - 32

We love drinking (or should I say she used to), but I guess she’s more disciplined than I do. She still asks her mom for permission when she’s gonna have a night-out and honestly tells her dad who’s she going out with and when is she exactly gonna be home. I, on the other hand, am the arrogant one just bidding my dad goodbye while I utter “I’ll drink tonight, I’ll stay safe. See you tomorrow.” and sweetly ask my mom if she can cook my favourite pork sinigang with taro the next day. Now she doesn’t intake alcohol anymore while I booze up trying to test my limits as if I were still at my 18-year-old physique. We still have fun together though. The good thing is, she’s always sober and she can always take me home, haha. .
Gardens by the Bay - - 18

Gardens by the Bay - - 49

We’re both hopeless romantic souls, still single as I write, and we have no f*cking idea what’s wrong with us or with the society. We have helped each other mend our broken hearts years ago and have fully made ourselves aware that our friendship is the most important relationship outside our families when all else fails. We are not alone, we are both whole with just ourselves with the support of all other beautiful things and notions on earth. At the moment, we are both in love with wanderlust and new places. Despite our differences, the thought that we will definitely grow old together, continuing to amaze ourselves with the hidden gems of the world, is one of the best reasons why my life is beautiful.

Gardens by the Bay - - 41—————————

Good laughs and lots of catching up about the entertainment show’s #aldub fever, here are additional personal photographs of Singapore’s megastructure Gardens by the Bay. And as she quoted, it was a “Sundate well spent”. . Thanks Bing, love you to bits. .

Gardens by the Bay - - 3 Gardens by the Bay - - 8 Gardens by the Bay - - 13 Gardens by the Bay - - 16 Gardens by the Bay - - 19 Gardens by the Bay - - 20 Gardens by the Bay - - 21 Gardens by the Bay - - 22 Gardens by the Bay - - 23

Gardens by the Bay - - 1 (1) Gardens by the Bay - - 24 Gardens by the Bay - - 25 Gardens by the Bay - - 31 Gardens by the Bay - - 33 Gardens by the Bay - - 36 Gardens by the Bay - - 39 Gardens by the Bay - - 40 Gardens by the Bay - - 43 Gardens by the Bay - - 47 Gardens by the Bay - - 48 Gardens by the Bay - - 51 Gardens by the Bay - - 52 Gardens by the Bay - - 55 Gardens by the Bay - - 57Gardens by the Bay - - 60 Gardens by the Bay - - 61 Gardens by the Bay - - 62 Gardens by the Bay - - 65 Gardens by the Bay - - 66

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