Wakeboard in CWC – The Naga City Experience

We were in 4th year highschool when we first talked about going to Bicol and have a vacation with no parents around. With 2 out of 6 of us having relatives in Bicol, we’ve always thought that this getaway will be so feasible. . We finally made it happen after 10 long years last 2013 but only 4 of us – Bing, Aubrey, Maridel and myself. . It’s sad that Mia and Helen were part of this dream but for some reasons, they cannot go with us that time. . Well, we can always go back. . 🙂 10 years of planning wasn’t that bad. . Haha. .

This kuya assists and teaches the basics. he’s soooo good in this wake-boarding thing too. .

We boarded a small Cebu Pacific plane from Manila to Naga City. . Small planes with propellers actually scare me with all the strong turbulence and crashing thoughts in my head, hehe. . But we landed safe and sound, thank God. . 🙂

my ultimate travel gals, aubrey, maridel and bing. with the bangs and all. . hehe. . ❤

The flight was too early so we decided to take a nap first after we arrived the small hotel in Naga City. This hotel was only recommended by the cab driver since we didn’t have any advanced hotel booking (that’s what you call spontaneity and laziness combined). In the afternoon, we proceeded to CamSur Watersports Complex (CWC) for wake boarding.

It was the first time we tried wake boarding, and oh boy, we struggled but how we loved thee! We were glad to know that the owners of CWC have built a wakepark in Nuvali in Santa Rosa, Laguna; it’s nearer our home. The availability of a 15-min drive wakepark from home (without traffic jam of course) still didn’t make us wakeboard pros though. . Haha. . It is just too difficult for me. Aubrey got her advanced skills though. I love it more when I just watch the pros doing their tricks while I enjoy my french fries, pizza and corona beer. 🙂

I forgot how much exactly we paid but in my memory, that should reach a little over a thousand pesos including the vest and helmet rentals and we have enjoyed the park from late afternoon till sunset. Go check their website for the rates. They also offer accommodations if you wanna stay longer. The CWC park has 2 sections: a small one for the beginners and the bigger one for the pros. I like how warm the CWC staff were, very kind to encourage and entertain us while they were teaching us the basics. They even bragged us (yes they have the right to brag) their wake-boarding skills and we were more than amazed screaming out our “woohoo!”s.

it’s nice that there’s not a lot of people in the queue, we have more time to try to wakeboard. remember that you pay by number of hours.

CWC has been popularized by celebrity wakeboarding couple and the ooh-la-la hot wakeboard gods (both locals and foreigners) with their 6-pack abs and all. Don’t forget to drop by CWC when you get the chance to visit Naga City. And oh, since we were in Bicol, we felt the need to try the authentic bicol-express. . And there goes the Katawan-babae, kain lalake syndrome; yuhuhum! You must try too. . 🙂

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